Better Sleep for Spring

Join Sleep Action Head of Service, Alyson O'Brien, in our recent webinar and discover the importance of supporting your service users’ sleep.

Webinar topic

Do your service users have New Year’s resolutions around taking better care of themselves by eating better or getting more exercise? Have they considered making sleep a priority for 2024? Come and hear why improving sleep can be so beneficial for us all and how to support your service users’ sleep.

About the webinar

As the new year begins, our service users frequently embark on journeys of self-care and improved wellbeing, often focusing on resolutions of healthier diets or increased physical activity. But there’s an often-overlooked cornerstone of better health that deserves the spotlight: Quality sleep.

Join us for our first free webinar of 2024, tailored for health and social care professionals, where we explore the transformative impact of prioritising sleep. Discover the potential of a good night’s rest and learn how incorporating good sleep practice into our daily lives can significantly contribute to the overall wellbeing of ourselves and those we support.

Webinar hosted by

Alyson O'Brien
Head of Sleep Services, Sleep Action

As Head of Sleep Services, Alyson is responsible for our Sleep Support and Training teams to ensure a high-quality service to both families and professionals. She develops and provides lecturing at many of our highly regarded and informative sleep courses. Alyson also supports our trained sleep counsellors to implement behavioural sleep programmes with children, young people, and their families.

Alyson is passionate about spreading the good word of sleep, and finding the right solution to a sleep issue at any age through training, education, and advice.



Professionals working with children, young people, families and adults in the health, social care or third sector. Whether you have trained with Sleep Action in the past, or just beginning to explore your interest in sleep, join our free webinars.

We are unable to accept private practitioners to the webinars.

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