Can “bad sleepers” achieve healthy sleep?

Explore the variety of factors that determine one's sleep - the individual differences as well as wider influences, which may be overlooked, forming stigma of "bad sleepers". Discover how every service user can achieve healthy sleep with the right support.


3:00 – 4:00 PM

Tuesday, 26 September

Hosted via Zoom

Suitable for

Health, Social Care and Charity sector professionals working with:

  • children and young people
  • families
  • adults


Early registration is recommended as spaces will be limited. Each delegate requires own registration to receive unique joining instructions.

Webinar topic

The label of “bad sleeper” is given away freely to service users, either by themselves or by their family or professionals in their care. Despite individual differences in sleep needs and patterns, every service user is able to achieve healthy sleep with the right support.

In this webinar we invite professionals to consider the variety of external factors that influence their service users’ sleep. The webinar will discuss our own attitudes and perceptions around sleep as well as how to challenge the stigma of “bad sleepers” for people of all ages, health and ability.

About the webinar

This webinar is suitable for professionals who work service users of all ages, in a health, social care or third sector role. Previous training in sleep is not required to join.

The webinar is an informal topical discussion and does not form part of the Sleep Scotland training programme. It does not, in isolation, equip the attendees to provide sleep advice. To become a certified sleep practitioner please see our training courses.

Due to our funding agreements as a charity, we are unable to accept delegates who work in for-profit organisations or private practitioners to this session.

Webinar hosted by

Martyna Jabłońska
Sleep Services Manager

Martyna is the Sleep Services Manager at Sleep Scotland. Her background is in psychology and health promotion. Martyna oversees the sleep support offered directly to families in Scotland, and the charity’s renowned training programme, delivered across UK and Ireland, helping people thrive through healthy sleep.

Martyna Head of Sleep Services


Professionals working with children, young people, families and adults in the health, social care or third sector. Whether you have trained with Sleep Scotland in the past, or just beginning to explore your interest in sleep, join our free webinars.

We are unable to accept private practitioners to the webinars.

Webinars will be delivered online via Zoom. Click on the link above to register to the session and you will receive your unique joining instructions via email.

You will need device with access to Internet and videoconferencing to join the session.

Our webinars are free of charge.

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