Free Sleep Resources

We believe that all children are entitled to a good night's sleep.

Good sleep hygiene and calming bedtime routines are critical to sleeping well. Use our resources to help your service users and their families better understand how they can improve their sleep.

Use the links below to download free resources:


Sleep checklist

Follow these checklists to see if your service user is getting enough sleep:

Sleepy children

Sleepy teens


Improving sleep

How to sleep well

Best practice for improving sleep – use this resource to identify areas contributing to poor sleep.

Relaxation techniques

Practical steps to switch off and relax in bed.

Scottish Sleep Support Line

Sleep Action operates a Sleep Support Line for children and young people aged 18 months – 18 years.

Sleep Action can offer families resident in Scotland one-to-one sleep support for any child aged 18 months-18 years. If families are not resident in Scotland, unfortunately, we cannot provide direct support.

Please only share this with families resident in Scotland. This service is currently available to those resident in Scotland only.


Become a Sleep Advisor

Help children and young people get a good night’s sleep, improving their confidence, relationships, and wellbeing.