Sound Sleep


Our Sound Sleep course equips professionals working with school-aged children or teenagers, to raise awareness of the importance of sleep for emotional and physical wellbeing.

Suitable for

Statutory sector teachers or other similar education professionals working with

  • School-aged children or teenagers

£215.00 excl. VAT

(group registration discounts and commissioned courses are available by request)


3.5 hours

Course Description:

Sound Sleep Online training is relevant to anyone working with school-aged children or young people in a school setting. Please note that this course is not suitable for private practitioners.

The course is made up of presentations, case studies, breakout sessions and an overview of the curriculum-linked resources.

“I think it was a really well balanced, engaging course with the right amount of information sharing, group discussions and lots of helpful information to take away and use too! Can't wait to use them soon in our 1-1 mentoring and group sessions.”Sleep Scotland training course member


Our Sound Sleep training is tailored for education professionals who work with children in a school setting (either primary or secondary). It aims to educate young people on the importance of sleep and how to improve it in a classroom environment. Resources provided include lesson plans and activities matched against curriculum levels.

The Sound Sleep training course is for statutory sector teachers or other similar education professionals who intend to use the resources provided to teach children about the importance of sleep for emotional and physical wellbeing. Everyone who attends will receive a teaching resource pack for primary or secondary schools, which is linked to the curriculum. The other resource pack is available to purchase for a £100 surcharge by emailing

This course is designed for professionals working with vulnerable groups, where completion of such training is mandatory for their role. If the professional was working on sleep improvement with their service user and had any reasons to raise protection/safeguarding concerns they should have appropriate knowledge on how to do so in their working environment. We ask you to confirm your training on protection/safeguarding is current, we will not ask to see your certificate. Online self-led training, as well as face-to-face training, are both suitable and will be accepted.

Those who have completed our Sound Sleep or Sleep Counselling courses can purchase either the primary school or secondary school resources for Sound Sleep at £100 per set. Please email – if you wish to purchase the additional resources.

resources can be found on the Sleep Scotland website under the Training header. To access these resources, you will need to log in with your username and password. Under the Training header choose Training materials.  If you have trouble accessing your resources account, please try to reset your password using your work email address. If this is not successful, please contact

Please review our full FAQ for any other question you have.

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