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As your baby grows, you will find that your preferred sleeping position may not be the most comfortable or safe. The earlier into your pregnancy you can experiment with your sleeping position, the easier you will find it to adapt during the later trimesters.


NHS Scotland recommendations are to sleep on your side from 24 weeks to help reduce the risk of stillbirth

If you are a front or back sleeper, side sleeping can be difficult to get used to. You should try practicing side sleeping several weeks before then to find a comfortable position.

Don’t panic if you wake up on your back, just try to reposition to get back onto your side. There are some people who say one side is better than the other, but the research is not conclusive and often sticking to one side is more uncomfortable than swapping so could result in less overall sleep.

Side sleeping

Sleeping with your bump

Pain and discomfort

Pain or difficulties getting comfortable as you baby grows and sleeping on the side are common.

If you experience pain in the hips or pelvis, using a pregnancy pillow (usually a curved shape so you have a part between the knees, a longer section behind your back to stop you rolling, and another curved part at the top for the head) can help. Don’t forget the waist – a rolled up towel or flat pillow can help if there is still pressure on the hip because of the differing heights.

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