Improve your sleep

Improve your sleep

While we usually think of the things we do immediately before bed as the causes of good or bad sleep, it’s important to consider the whole day and not just bedtime. So much of what we do during the day can impact on our sleep.


Getting a good night's sleep

Routines are essential for good sleep. To improve our sleep, we need to prepare our body and mind appropriately to be ready for bedtime. A proper bedtime routine combined with a good daily routine allows us to reduce our cortisol levels, the stress hormone that helps us stay awake and alert so that melatonin can be produced and help us feel sleepy.


During the day

Improve your sleep

Natural light

Get out into natural light for at least 30 minutes each day, ideally this would be in the morning to support the body clock.


Get some exercise to build pressure and feel sleepy. Cardio activity should be earlier in the day, but weights and strength-based activity can be helpful closer to bedtime.

Improve your sleep - Exercise
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Avoid too many caffeine-based drinks especially in the afternoon, as this can cause issues getting to sleep. Many people make an extra cuppa as something to do, without realising the effect this may have on their sleep.


Avoid having a nap during the day, as this can relieve sleep pressure so we do not feel tired come bed time

Causes of poor sleep
Your sleep needs

Waking up

Get up at a regular time each morning, even if you didn’t sleep well. Having a lie in to “catch up” is likely to affect your ability to sleep the next night.

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