Sleep Scotland becomes "Sleep Action"

We are excited to announce that Sleep Scotland, the UK’s oldest sleep charity and leading provider of sleep support, training and resources, is now “Sleep Action.”

This name change marks our 25th-anniversary celebration and our continuing commitment to thriving through healthy sleep.

As we look to the next 25 years and beyond, we feel Sleep Action better represents our mission, values, and work while being welcoming and accessible to everyone who needs our services and support, regardless of where they might be.


Why the change?

After 25 years of helping individuals and families across the UK and Ireland, we realised our name, “Sleep Scotland,” was limiting. People often thought we only operated within Scotland, and it inadvertently prevented us from reaching those who could greatly benefit from its services.

We want to help everyone, regardless of location, so “Sleep Action” was born.


Why "Sleep Action"?

Our new name embodies our mission and values:

  • It’s not tied to a specific location, making us accessible to all
  • “Action” reflects our urgency to address sleep issues directly
  • It signifies implies a continual process of working towards long-term goals, mirroring the journey to improve one’s sleep
  • It aligns us with other charitable organisations, making sleep a mainstream concern

Timeline for the change

From 26 October, 2023, we are officially Sleep Action. But our dedication to better sleep remains steadfast.


The impact of Sleep Action

Sleep disorders affect many, especially those with learning disabilities. For 25 years, we’ve trained professionals to enhance the quality of life for families with sleep issues. We have a network of over 1300 Sleep Counsellors across the UK and Ireland, ready to help.

One mother’s experience says it all: “Sleep Action quite literally saved my life.”

Alyson O’Brien, Head of Sleep Services at Sleep Action

Alyson O’Brien, Head of Sleep Services at Sleep Action

“The change from Sleep Scotland to Sleep Action is about continuing our mission. With the transition to Sleep Action, our commitment to ensuring that everyone thrives through healthy sleep remains steadfast.

We will continue to employ the latest scientific understanding to provide tailored, non-judgmental, and empathetic guidance and training in support of healthy sleep.

Sleep Action will carry on the important work of the last 25 years of raising awareness of the critical impact of sleep deprivation on health and well-being.”


What's next for Sleep Action

Sleep Action 25th Anniversary £2.5k Giveaway


To celebrate, we’re offering organisations in the public and third sector a chance to win £2,500 worth of Sleep Training. Visit our Giveaway Page to enter.

Upcoming Events

The Gathering

Join us on November 8th at The Gathering 2023 to learn about prioritising employee sleep for a healthier workforce.

Spaces are limited.

Nursing Live

Visit us at Nursing Live 2023 on November 10-11 to explore the transformative power of improved patient sleep

Sleep Scotland is now Sleep Action. We’re here to ensure everyone can thrive through healthy sleep; the same commitment, new name.

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