Sleep Workshops


Make sleep a priority throughout your organisation

Embed good attitudes and behaviours towards sleep at all levels of your organisation.

Yearly workshops ensure that managers and supervisors understand their role in creating a sleep-friendly workplace and how they can support employees with their sleep.

Investing in your employees’ sleep is investing in the future of your business.


Sleep Workshops

Facilitated by our experienced training team, this workshop ensures your team members with line management responsibilities receive yearly refreshers on supporting sleep-friendly attitudes and behaviours.

Delivered as an interactive session, these workshops provide a unique opportunity for managers to discuss real-life scenarios and difficulties encountered when supporting their staff and seek advice from the Sleep Scotland trainer.

Topics covered:

  • Opportunities and challenges for sleep support
  • How to support staff who struggle with their sleep
  • Concerns distinct to organisations, i.e. shift-working, periods of high demand and stress, work-related travel etc.
  • 30-min introductory video introducing Sleep-friendly Employer programme
  • 1-hour interactive session, online. (Approx. 6 months, 1.5 years and 2.5 years into the award)
Ideal for:
  • Line managers and supervisors, senior managers
  • Max capacity: 20

Become an accredited Sleep-friendly Employer

Investing in your employees’ sleep is investing in the future of your business.

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