Sleep-friendly HR Policies


Make good sleep accessible for everyone

Sleep-friendly HR Policies allow employees to establish consistent and healthy sleep and are vital to embedding a sleep-friendly culture.

Sleep is impacted by a variety of factors which can vary from person to person. The ways we support our colleagues should be tailored to and respectful of their individual circumstances.


Key factors affecting employee sleep includes age, work schedule and patterns, stress, pregnancy, and menopause.

Being conscious of your employees and allowing flexibility through Sleep-friendly HR policies will support healthy sleep and improve your reputation as an employer.

Investing in your employees’ sleep is investing in the future of your business.


Sleep-friendly HR Policies


Everyone’s sleep pattern is different. Allowing some flexibility around working hours to match sleep patterns leads to more productivity and feeling valued.

Shift Work

Shift workers are more likely to face fatigue and increased levels of insomnia. Consistency is key to better sleep. Finding ways to help ensure routine will help.


During pregnancy, sleep will change and can become disrupted for a number of reasons. Be mindful of pregnant employees to reduce the risk of fatigue.


Women can experience menopause at any age. It can cause disruption to sleep patterns. Consider supporting sleep for women experiencing menopause.

We understand that some Sleep-friendly HR Policies are feasible or appropriate for all organisations.

This programme guides employers on how to implement these policies. However, Sleep-friendly Employer Accreditation is not contingent on implementing all the above policies. Employers simply need to evidence that they are taking steps to embed a sleep-friendly culture, where possible.


Become an accredited Sleep-friendly Employer

Investing in your employees’ sleep is investing in the future of your business.

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