Sleep Counselling for Adults

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Sleep Counselling for Adults equips professionals with the skills and resources necessary to set up and run a sleep counselling service for adults with additional support needs.

Suitable for

Health & Social Care Professionals working with

  • Adults with additional complex needs
  • £960.00 excl. VAT (Scotland-only)
  • £1070.00 excl. VAT (outside Scotland)

(group registration discounts and commissioned courses are available by request)


40 hours over 12 weeks

Course Description:

Sleep Counselling for Adults is designed to provide health and social care professionals in a variety of settings with comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to support and promote healthy sleep in adults with complex needs by applying cognitive and behavioural approaches in tailored interventions for a range of sleep issues.

“The subject itself is so interesting and it helped to reinforce the knowledge to have an expert talk through the information. I felt it was a supportive learning environment. Case study examples were very relevant and easily translated into real life scenarios that we are experiencing in our daily working lives.”Sleep Scotland training course member

Tomorrow's Care Award

Sleep Action is thrilled to announce that its pioneering training course, “Sleep Counselling for Adults,” has been awarded second place in the prestigious Tomorrow’s Care Awards 2024.

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Our Sleep Counselling training is for professionals who work with adult service users with additional support needs. This can include learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, mental and physical health conditions, and complex cases. Course delegates usually come from nursing, occupational therapy, social work, support work or medical background.

Sleep Counselling for Adults comprises 20 hrs of self-led learning, which you will complete ahead of the course start date on our learning platform, three morning online sessions with our lecturers to revise the knowledge and practice your new skills, 8-10 weeks of self-directed activity within your workplace-during which time you will be expected to start your own sleep support case study with one of your service users and final morning online workshop designed to be a peer discussion on the case study experiences.

Yes, we would be happy to welcome at a Sleep Counselling for Adults course. Currently, there is no conversion course, and you would be asked to complete the full training course.

Annually Sleep Scotland will run a Refresher Sleep Counsellor course for those who want to update their training. The course contains a summarised and updated content of the original Sleep Counselling training and can support those who have not practised sleep support to resume this work.
We will also run a topical CPD session annually. Topics are decided from suggestions from our trained Sleep Counsellors – surveys will be sent to you so you can have your say in the choice of topic.

This course is designed for professionals working with vulnerable groups, where completion of such training is mandatory for their role. If the professional was working on sleep improvement with their service user and had any reasons to raise protection/safeguarding concerns they should have appropriate knowledge on how to do so in their working environment. We ask you to confirm your training on protection/safeguarding is current, we will not ask to see your certificate. Online self-led training, as well as face-to-face training, are both suitable and will be accepted.

For our Sleep Counselling, Sleep Counselling for Adults, and Sound Sleep training courses, resources can be found on the Sleep Scotland website under the Training header. To access these resources, you will need to log in with your username and password. Under the Training header choose Training materials

All of our professional open courses are delivered online. Our chosen training platform is Zoom. We provide guidance on how to access Zoom. You do not require a Zoom licence or app to access the training. You will require a strong Internet connection and an up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome/Safari/Firefox.

  •  In the instance that a group course is desired, we can deliver the course either online or face-to-face in your area. Please contact us to arrange this:

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