Sleep Action Announces £2,500 Giveaway

Sleep Action Announces £2,500 Giveaway to Support Children and Adults with Additional Needs Fight Fatigue and Exhaustion

The UK’s oldest sleep charity is giving third and public sector organisations a chance to win sleep training worth £2,500 to deliver vital support for young people and their families suffering from severe sleep problems.

Edinburgh, Scotland – November 15, 2023 – In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Sleep Action, formerly Sleep Scotland, the UK’s leading provider of sleep support, training, and resources which is operated by the non-profit Capella, is delighted to announce the “Sleep Action 25th Anniversary Giveaway.”

Organisations supporting children under 18, as well as adults with additional needs in education, health, social work in the public and third have the opportunity to win £2,500 to spend on Sleep Training for their team, service or organisation to create or improve a Sleep Clinic to support their community and service users.

“We are delighted to give sleep training worth £2,500 to a sector that plays such a critical role supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our society,” says Alyson O’Brien, Head of Services. “The pressures facing the third and public sectors in recent years mean that budgets are tightening. As a charity, Sleep Action understands this, so we hope to help relieve some of that pressure for a service with this prize and ultimately help those struggling with their sleep. Improved sleep means better mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing for the individual. But it also means less reliance on other services that deal with knock-on effects of poor sleep, including depression, obesity, and the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.”

Sleep Action training follows tried and tested cognitive and behavioural therapy strategies and the latest scientific understanding of healthy sleep. Delivered by expert lecturers with backgrounds in sleep research and medicine, paediatrics, and neuroscience, their training focuses on long-lasting positive change through practical advice. Sleep Action’s training allows professionals, including teachers, nurses, social workers, doctors, therapists, health visitors, and more, to develop an understanding of sleep processes and problems and to work with individuals and families over a series of sessions to create and implement sleep plans tailored to the person’s situation and needs.

The winners of this giveaway will join Sleep Action’s network of over 1300 Sleep Counsellors across the UK and Ireland who provide life-changing support to families suffering as a result of poor sleep.

Professionals working for third and public sector organisations such as schools, charities, local councils, and the NHS can enter this giveaway by visiting the Sleep Action website.