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Sleep Action endeavours to provide sleep support to as many families as possible, but we are a charity and unable to cover all areas, as we would if we were a statutory service.

Writing to your MP or MSP can be a valuable way to encourage governmental support of sleep services.

Here is some guidance on writing to your MP or MSP:

  • Include your address and postcode, so that your MP/MSP knows you are their constituent.  This is important because MPs and MSPs are obliged to respond and act on their constituents’ concerns only, not the concerns of people living in other constituencies.
  • You will make the biggest impact by telling your MP/MSP why sleep services are important to you.  Try to explain your personal reasons for needing improved sleep services in your area.
  • MPs and MSPs tend to be very busy, so make your letter direct, clear and no longer than one side of A4, as far as possible.
  • Emails are good, but handwritten letters can be even more powerful.


An example:

Dear MSP,

I am writing to you as a parent of four-year-old Ben, who has autism.  Ben struggles enormously with sleep.  It takes up to four hours to settle Ben every night, and he wakes regularly throughout the night. As a result, the whole family are exhausted.

As you know, sleep is essential to health and wellbeing, and sleep problems can affect everything from physical and mental health, work, finances and relationships.

Please support families like ours by promoting and supporting sleep support services.


Ben’s parent

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