Alana Ingram

Alana is an experienced sleep counsellor and a retired specialist health visitor.

Andrea Tipper Sleep Scotland Lecturer

Andrea Tipper

Andrea has been a sleep counsellor since 2018 and is an experienced health visitor of 23 years.

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Andrea ran a sleep service in the West Midlands in her role as a specialist health visitor for children with disabilities and complex health needs working with families who have children aged 0-5 with sleep difficulties and joined the training team in 2022. She has a daughter with a physical and learning disability who is now 18 who had significant sleep difficulties when she was younger and this led to her passion to support families in similar situations. 

Barbara Crozier Sleep Scotland

Barbara Crozier

Barbara is an experienced sleep counsellor and ASD intervention therapist.  She also works as a counsellor with children and adults. 

Dr Aliyah Rehman Sleep Scotland

Dr Aliyah Rehman

Dr Aliyah Rehman is a senior lecturer at Sleep Action and has interests in sleep and mental health.

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Dr Rehman is also a teaching fellow at the University of Strathclyde and lectures in Psychology. Her teaching focus is primarily in the topic of mental health. 

Dr Claire Holdsworth Sleep Scotland Lecturer

Dr Claire Holdsworth

Dr Claire Holdsworth is a GP with a passionate interest in sleep and Lifestyle Medicine.

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Claire loves to help train doctors to become fully qualified GPs as a GP Trainer and Educator. She also works with third-sector organisations to deliver programmes to improve health and wellbeing and address the root causes of illness and health.

Dr Florian Gahleitner Sleep Scotland

Dr Florian Gahleitner

Dr Florian Gahleitner is a consultant in paediatric respiratory and sleep medicine at the RHCYP, Edinburgh.

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Dr Florian did a fellowship with Prof Cathy Hill, Professor of Paediatric Sleep Medicine, at Southampton General Hospital. He conducts
research in relation to paediatric sleep.


Janet Lindsay

Janet is a teenage Sleep Counsellor and champion of our Sound Sleep training.

Michael Adair Sleep Scotland

Michael Adair

Michael has been a Sleep Counsellor for over 20 years and a trainer for over 15 with specialities related to epilepsy, mental health, food, mood and behaviour. He is a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Practice Teacher in social work.

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Michael’s background is originally in nursing, medical and mental health, with the latter part of his nursing career with the CAMHs team at Guy’s Hospital in London.

Michael left nursing to do a social work degree, and worked as a neurology social worker at Great Ormond Street. He moved to Edinburgh and worked as a social worker for children with disabilities for City of Edinburgh Council. It was then he trained as a sleep counsellor. Michael then moved to the voluntary sector, working as a social worker and trainer at Epilepsy Scotland.

Dr Patricia D. Jackson Sleep Scotland Lecturer

Dr Patricia D Jackson

Patricia is a paediatrician and honorary fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

Pauline Lawrie Sleep Scotland Lecturer

Pauline Lawrie

Pauline is an experienced Educational Visitor and Sleep Counsellor.

Rhona Harkness Sleep Scotland Lecturer

Rhona Harkness

Rhona is an Occupational Therapist with post graduate training in sensory integration. 

Tracey Clarke Sleep Scotland Lecturer

Tracey Clarke

Tracey is a learning disability nurse who works part time for NHS supporting children with Learning Disabilities and complex sleep issuesShe has been a Sleep Counsellor since 2011. 

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