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We aim to ensure everyone is able to thrive through healthy sleep.


Sleep Scotland is the UK’s oldest sleep charity.

Established in 1998, we have supported thousands of people to have healthy sleep. We are the leading provider of sleep support, training and resources in the UK. We work with professionals, families and employers to promote healthy sleep for everyone.

How we can help

We support children, young people and their families to have healthy sleep by providing our free Sleep Support Line in Scotland. Our trained Sleep Counsellors work in a person-centred approach to provide support and guidance for as long as is needed.

We provide high quality training to support healthy sleep for everyone. Our renowned Sleep Counselling courses provide professionals with the tools they need to work with families to promote healthy sleep.

Sleep Scotland provides an employer wellbeing package, designed to promote healthy sleep to managers and employees. Our materials use the latest research and offers a range of tools to help employee wellbeing.

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